Kids Mini Penny Farthing

The all new mini penny farthing, handmade luxury for kids!


Worlds smallest penny farthing for children

This is the original smallest ridable penny farthing bike handmade in England.

These are a great way for young children to learn to ride a bike in true vintage style. The bike was designed around my son Austin who has spent his whole life around me building penny farthing bikes. I didn’t fancy him on a real penny farthing so I designed a scale replica of the iconic penny farthing in a balance bike format. In the true spirit of Richards of England, the bikes remain handmade with real high quality veg tan leather saddles, moustache handle bars all a scaled down version of the big bikes. The seat height is adjustable but we can potentially make different sized bikes.

We are taking orders now so please contact us for details.

Top quality photography by Tony Johnson

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Re production replica version of the 1885 Singer British Challenge now available.singersaddle

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