Penny Farthing Hire

Penny Farthing Prop hire

Penny Farthing Rider in period cycling clothing available for events, prop, TV, film and historic education. A Victorian penny farthing rider traditionally wears long wool socks, plus fours, with a blazer and cycling hat.

Ideal for historic events as our rider has lots of knowledge on the history of the bicycle so can answer many technical questions.

Penny Farthing Training

We have ridden 100’s of historic penny farthings in various shapes and sizes, with regular rides as long as 30+ miles so have lots of experience to share to get you riding.



Child’s Balance Bike

Vintage Balance Bike, children can learn to ride on a mini penny farthing. Available now!

Singer British Challenge Replica

Re production replica version of the 1884 Singer British Challenge hand made to order.

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Display and Prop bikes

We make various types of bikes and vintage objects for display and prop use. Feel free to forward your requests:

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