Up and Coming Events

It’s been a busy past two years with a growing family and only bikes leaving the workshop. I’m scheduled to complete myself a new 60″ based on something a bit different this summer so should be exciting to get out and about again.

Historic Events

Baker and Kelly Christmas Special BT Sport 2013

Christian Richards powers toasters with his penny farthing, check out the Victorian costume.
Christian Richards Penny Farthing on the Baker and Kelly Show, BT Sportbt sport penny farthing



Child’s Balance Bike

Vintage Balance Bike, children can learn to ride on a mini penny farthing. Available now!

Singer British Challenge Replica

Re production replica version of the 1885 Singer British Challenge now available.singersaddle

Phone today on

+44 (0)7969275909


Display and Prop bikes

We make various types of bikes and vintage objects for display and prop use. Feel free to forward your requests: richardsofengland@outlook.com

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