Hi End Ordinary Replica Penny

Truly Custom Penny Farthings

Choose your perfect Penny Farthing, every part handmade:

At Richards of England all components are handmade in house to create truly unique and traditionally styled bikes. Wheel rims are hand rolled to any size generally between a 52″ and 60″ wheel for most riders. The size is very important for both mounting and optimal leg extension.

[60 inch Penny Farthing]

An example of the specification:

– Hand turned and Drilled period brass hubs

– Hand Milled Slotted Cranks

– Oak Pedals

– Richards of England period replica leather saddle made from the highest quality Veg Tan leather (Tension fully adjustable for comfort)

– Spoon brake handmade and tuned for best performance (Just the right feel, not too much bite!)

– Hollow Steel Rims rolled to size, profile based on period road or racer profile

– Oak handles with various period handle bar configurations

These are not a one size fits all, these handmade to order.

Please contact us for advice on sizing and more information.

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