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Penny Farthing For sale

Hand built to order

Have you gazed at old photographs and gawped in museums? Want the adrenaline rush of a superbike and the attention of an exotic sports car? For a fraction of the cost I give you the opportunity to take home a vintage replica penny farthing.

Using as many traditional building techniques as possible to ensure all the bikes look like they have just come from the 1800's. Nearly all components are handmade, both wheels are hand rolled and can be made to size to suit you. The penny farthing can be how you want it, please contact for a quote to your custom specification.

Due to the demand and time involved with building antique replica bikes please contact for an estimated build time.


Penny Farthings are not for the faint hearted and can be dangerous which is why the safety cycle replaced the design. We can not accept any responsibility for any injury or damage caused by becoming a cropper or taking a header as of a result of riding a penny farthing replica.